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Chowdur Services Inc., a Midwest United States Corporation is
your one-stop-shop for all of your technical and manufacturing needs
both within and beyond the metals industry.  Specializing in innovative
solutions to whatever your challenge may be.  With extensive
knowledge in many areas, we can help you find cost savings
opportunities within multiple disciplines.  Something has brought you
here, take some time to review our website and contact us with any
questions.  Our goal is to make your company more competitive within
the global marketplace.  


"Global knowledge of manufacturing and supply chain
management helps us provide a higher quality of service to
our customers.  We are dedicated to developing a well
managed, "just-in-time", value-added product or service for
our customers. We maintain  a friendly, fair and open work
environment, which  respects new ideas, hard work and old
fashioned values."
                                                                                     C.A. Lundin - President
Chowdur Services Inc  -  "The Solution Providers"