Machining - Value Added Services
Chowdur Services Inc. has a variety of value-added parts
manufacturing capabilities with additional capabilities being added
each year to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.  
Please review our capabilities.  We have support facilities within the
Midwest United States capable of meeting your heat treat and
machining needs.

By mating with the
Chowdur Steel supply division the Parts
Business continues to explore higher volume opportunities and
long-term partnerships with their customers to provide them with a
more cost-effective supply chain.

Chowdur Steel has the capability of finishing as hot-rolled
bar or tube, they are in the strategic position to provide the next
value-added operation.

We can machine long bar products like barstock and tubing and we
can also chuck machine castings and forgings.  We can handle high
volume truckload quantities down to rapid prototype orders.

Send us a print and a request for quote, you may be surprised!.
Some of our Equipment Includes:

2- 9/16" RA-6 Acmc-Gridley Bar Machines w/Acro-Feed 3- 9/16" Acme-Gridley Bar Machines
2- Hardinge DSM-59 Single Spindle Lathes 7- 1-1/4" RA-6 Acme-Gridley Bar Machine
5- Kent Owens Production Mills 8- 2-5/8" RB-6 Acme-Gridley Bar Machine
3- 20" Drill Presses wl Air Feed 5- 4" RB-6 Acme-Gridley Bar Machines
2- Miyano LD-41 Twin Spindle Lathes 3- Miyano BNC 34T 3 Axis Lathe
2- Brother TC211 Drilling & Tapping Machines 1- Excel Vertical Machininq Center
1- Kiwa Vertical Machining Center 2- Saeilo Mach 3 Horizontal Mills
9- Miyano LZ-O1R Self-Loading NC Lathe 1- Miyano BNK-34 CNC Bar Automatic
1- SuperMax VMC with Pallets 1- Miyano BNE 8-axis CNC lathe

1- 15" Clausing Lathe 1- Darex Drill Grinder
2- Bridgeport Mills w/digital Readout 2- Hillier Thomas Drill Grinders
1- National Acme Surface Grinder 1- Tool & Cutter Grinder
3- 6-18 Surface Grinders 1- Power Band Saw
1- Rockwell Circular Chaser Grinder 1- 80 Ton Hydraulic Press

1- Prab Continuous Chip Processing System 2- Flow Thru Parts Washers
3- Electronic digital Counting/Weighing Scales 1- 3-Ton Overhead Crane
1- 1900 12-Ton International Van Body Truck 1- 5-Ton Overhead Crane
1- Millermatic Wire Feed Mig Welder 3- 5000# Clark Lift Trucks
1- Pioneer Air Dryer 1- Ton Pick-up Truck
1- 40 HP Atlas Copco Rotary Screw Air Compressor     

1- Zeiss CMM  1- Mitutoyo SU 400 Profilometer
2- Turbo Data Myte Data Collection Systems 1- 14" Scherr-Tumico Optical Comparator
w/digital Readout & Quadra Check, Full compliment of Jo Blocks, Gage Pins, Surface
Plates. Micrometers, Ring & Plug gages, etc.
1- Electronic Plating Thickness Tester  
1- Bench Center  
1- Rockwell Tester  
1- Mitutoyo Surftest 211   
CNC Milling and Turning

Wolverine Machine can meet your needs for prototype or production quantity milling and/or
turning of metal to precision tolerances.

CNC Turning

2 axis Bar work
2 axis Auto-loading
3 axis CNC Production Bar work
4 axis CNC Production Bar work
7 axis CNC Production Bar work
CNC Milling

3 axis CNC Vertical milling
3 axis CNC High speed Drilling and Tapping
4 axis CNC Horizontal Machining
Bar feed CNC lathes with capacity up to 1-13/16 OD for prototypes and production parts. .
.precision short-run and long-run jobs.

Drilling & Tapping CNC machines for secondary operations which complement our screw
machines. These are great machines for efficient production drilling and/or tapping of all
types of fasteners.

CNC vertical milling centers which can be used to machine (including milling, drilling,
tapping) parts with a high degree of precision and accuracy. These machines are well suited
for contract milling work as well as a complement to our screw machines for secondary

CNC Saeilo Mach 3 with a pallet changer. This horizontal machining center gives us
increased versatility in meeting customer requirements for cost efficient machining of
multiple parts.

Our most recent additions to our CNC department are nine LZ-01R and one (7) Axis Miyano
BNE-51S Production bar machine. These machines increase our capacity for cost-effective
precision machining.
WaterJet Cutting
If you have any immediate questions,  please feel free to give us a call
at (248) 721-1183  or email us at