Defect Detection / Testing / Sorting Services
Chowdur Services Inc. specializes in non-destructive testing of long-bar
products like SBQ barstock, tubing in addition to component parts.  We utilize
certified NDT operators both in-house and within our customers facilities.  Our
center of expertise includeds:



Depending on the nature and state of the defect , we can pinpoint and develop
a suitable test for sorting or verification of suspect material.  If you have any
questions our would like one of our Level III Certified technicians to evaluate
your situation, please contact us.

If you have any immediate questions,  please feel free to give us a call at
(248) 721-1183  or email us at
Magnetic Particle Inspection                         (piece components)
Eddy Current Testing                        (long product and piece components)
Ultrasonic Testing                             (long product and piece components)
Spectrometer / Spark Testing                  (material grade verification)
Flux Leakage Testing
Non-Destructive Testing - NDT
Spectro Test Unit
Spectro Test Unit
Rotary Eddy Current
and Ultrasonic Unit
Mag Particle Inspection
Portable Eddy Current & Ultrasonic Units
Some of the equipment we utilize shown below: